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Linoleum and vinyl flooring

Linoleum pavements are some of the most natural and sustainable in the market, besides being incredibly lasting and easily cleaned. Tarkett´s linoleum is made from 94% natural raw materials (linseed oil, wood flower or corks and resins) and is available in a variety of marbled traditional designs in bright and dark colours.

Vinyl flooring, or PVC floor, can be classified according to its composition, whether homogeneous vinyl pavement or heterogeneous vinyl pavement, based on whether it has been fabricated in just one layer or several layers joined together. It is marketed in roll or tile format and can be chosen in a wide array of colours and designs.

Vinyl floors are the most appropriate pavements in a large number of cases. Their impermeability, long duration, resistance to abrasion and wear, easy cleaning and maintenance are among their most remarkable features.

Tarkett offers different products and collections based on their use. Anti-slip vinyl flooring for industrial kitchens and damp areas: Safetred, Multisafe Aqua. Pavements for schools and kindergartens: Tapiflex, Acczent, IQ Optima and more. For hospitals, health care centers and nursing homes: IQ Granit, Eclypse Premium, IQ Eminent, IQ Toro and more. Sports vinyl flooring: Omnisports.

We also have conductive and antistatic vinyl flooring, for those areas of technical use that require them.